FINNOLOGY software platform empowers you to
sell financial products more effectively.

The software platform

Multi-channel trading platform

Finnology brings trading of financial products
to your clients - no matter what channel they prefer

  • eComparator
  • eShop
  • SelfCare
  • Field / branch SalesTool
  • Call centre

Effective marketing tools

All your clients data are under control, enabling
you to sell and cross-sell more effectively

  • Clients management (CRM)
  • Leads marketplace
  • Next best offer recommendations
  • Campaigns
  • Leads aggregation

Management control

You get complete control over your
business due to automated processes
and overview on all transactions

  • Commission clearing
  • Personnel Management
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Controlling & fraud
  • Central data storage

Key benefits of FINNOLOGY to broker pools

Increase of margins

Finnology increases your margins on sales of finance products due to new business opportunities generation for your brokers and direct sales through your own eshop.

Sustainable growth

Easier sales of products enable you to expand your product portfolio and thus reduce vulnerability to risk of changing market conditions. Rating of your brokers provides constant and automated regulation of quality of your broker pool.

Client monetization

Effective marketing, sales, customer care are all about data and the ability to execute x-sell, upsell and retention campaigns.
Every clients compare or purchase is saved, analyzed to create next best offer for him or her.

Fin-tech edge

Advanced technological tools are key to flexibility. Best in class brokers follow the leaders in the market. With Finnology, your tools will evolve with the evolution of technology, while you will not need to invest into it.

Key benefits of FINNOLOGY to brokers / insurance agents

New business opportunities

FINNOLOGY brings brokers access to new business opportunities through connecting multiple ads channels and exploiting data.

Effective x-sell

Brokers get tools to monetize every client thanks to automatically generated x-sell opportunities.
Due to new sales tools, brokers are able to sell higher range of products, sometimes even without meeting the client in person.

Efficient work

The advanced sales tools bring less time preparation for a meeting, less errors due to closing products electronically, faster commissions due to direct payment methods and more information and sales arguments that can be provided to clients to increase close rates.


Proactive care for current clients brings long-term loyalty and opportunity to cross-sell during lifecycle, happier clients and more clients’ data for future sales opportunities.

FINNOLOGY’s benefits to finance products clients


Today's clients require quick and accurate solution to their immediate needs and want to be served through a channel of their preference. Being able to follow up on client’s needs within 60 minutes brings 7-times higher conversion on leads!


Majority of clients compare goods before purchase online on price comparison websites. Price comparison of financial products brings them peace of mind that they are making the right choices.


Most of time spent online is through our mobiles. Modern services and their delivery methods need to adapt to preferences and habits of their clients.


Quality of the service through Finnology is monitored in every phase. Client feedback on products, operators or brokers is a self-regulatory mechanism bringing quality to your service. User reviews are more than 10-times more trusted than information provided from official sources.


Automated client notifications about contract expirations, potential savings, product news etc. make clients worry-free and more trustful. Self-care access to documents is prefered by 70% of clients compared to writing and email, calling the broker or searching for the document at home.

About Finnology

Finnology has been set up on the know-how of the leading finance price comparison website and fastest growing broker pool in the Czech Republic. As part of the Rockaway Capital group, we are dedicated to help our clients to market & sell their products more effectively through multiple online and offline channels.

Our team consists of skilled & enthusiastic analysts and developers, with background in banking, insurance industry, multichannel distribution, telecomms and others.

Contact us at for more details on our product or to request a presentation.